Aging In Place

Nov 15, 2017

Plano-based nursing home chain files bankruptcy

Due to overwhelming lawsuits against Preferred Care Partners and those still pending, they have decided to file bankruptcy. This is just another situation where a large company has taken everything that the senior citizen owns, while not provide them the care that is needed and paid for. Then they have the ability to use our current laws to protect themselves.


Contact Safe Haven Legacy Foundation for an alternative solution. 


Nov 09, 2017

Facing eviction she had to move out

This lady, although not yet a senior citizen, has medical problems that cause her to be disabled. This places her in the same economic status that many of our senior citizens will be living who only count on social security to survive. Unfortunately, this is only a preview of things to come.


Contact Safe Haven Legacy Foundation for alternative solutions.

Nov 05, 2017

Low-rent landlords blow off new Dallas rules

The Dallas City Council said that they worked on the minimum housing standards requirements with the quarter of the city that lives in poverty in mind. The standards are about ensuring homes that are habitable, not necessarily comfortable. However, due to the ages of some of these homes, it would take a considerable amount of money to get them to standards and would then change the affordability status for the individuals that they are currently serving. 


If you or one of your loved ones is living in unsuitable housing contact Safe Haven Legacy Foundation.

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