Calling all Professional and skilled workers!


Volunteerism is motivated by values like those of integrity, knowledge, dedication, courage, compassion, and commitment which are SHLF's company values.  


Complete the online questionnaire and we will contact you about getting started on a mutually satisfying volunteer agreement; where your skills will be greatly appreciated.


Your skills are needed. 


It is simply not possible to attain our company projected goals without a wide range of people engaged at all stages, at all levels, and at all times. 

Complete the online questionnaire and we will contact you about the services you are willing to assist us with.


Become an SHLF member!


One of Safe Haven Legacy Foundation, Inc. membership levels is to adopt/foster a parent/grandparent. Many of our older citizens are looking for companionship due to family members being far away and/or other family dynamics.


Adoptions are a win-win situation for all of those who decide to get involved. We welcome those who would like to experience this level of commitment to the cause.



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