Baby boomers want to stay in their homes......give them the opportunity!


For Prevention of Institutionalization


A Home


Providing homes for our older American citizens who have contributed to our countries great success; in their own way. Changing their living conditions from an over costly housing situation and/or over crowdedness to affordability and physical/physiological well-being.

Home Improvements

Providing resources, including contributions and/or volunteer workers to equip the home with the necessary items that provide a safe environment. 

Home Repairs


Don't let simple home repair projects become an issue that displaces our elderly and veterns and put them back at risk; due to the loss of their home. You can help by volunteering your services, supplies and/or with a donation.

Home Expenses


Help provide for some major expenses which can easily cause a problem for the elderly to maintain their homes, such as insurance and property tax cost. Let's keep them in their homes with a donation today.

Assitance with Daily Living Task


Shopping for groceries and personal supplies, doing laundry, ironing, mowing the lawn and or cleaning the house is a task that sometimes becomes difficult as we age.


You can help by volunteering your services or with a donation.

Just for Fun/Companionship


Don't forget that regardless of your still want to have fun! It is also important for keeping the body fit and the mind engaged and sharp.


You can help by volunteering your services to assist those at risk in these activities or with a donation. 

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