Don't Make A Mockery Out Of Poverty!

The American Dream is predicated on the idea that anyone from any pace or background can climb to the highest rungs of the economic ladder.

According to The Economic Innovation Group, there is a growing body of evidence that shows that the longer an individual spends living in a distressed community, especially at childhood, it lessens their chances of achieving economic stability and/or success.

Safe Haven Legacy Foundation presents four ways you can assist us in reducing poverty

In 2017 about 50.4 million Americans live in distressed neighborhoods. A community is categorized as distressed if its score is above 80%. McAllen county, in Texas, ranked number one with 58.2% of their population living in a distressed zip code. Dallas County ranked number 11 with five distressed zip codes within its city limits with scores over 90%.

According to, The Status of Aging & Health in America, the growth of the number of older adults (65+) is unprecedented in our history and is expected to double in proportion to about 72 million by 2038; which in perspective of our population is equivalent to over 20%. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of them are living in costly, inadequate and crowded housing; which in turn can cause physical and/or psychological problems to their well-being.

Of the older American's that are currently 65+, veterans make up 9.9 million of this population as of 2015. Most who have served are considered to range in the higher median economical class, but also have a greater likelihood of having a disability, therefore, increasing the likely hood of the need of assistance in housing.

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