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Michael Richardson, co-founder and Secretary of Safe Haven Legacy Foundation, Inc. (SHLF), served in the United States Army from 1977 to 1993. As Staff Sergeant of the 8th Engineer Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division of the Alpha Dawgs; First Platoon Sergeant Richardson received an award for outstanding training and management of our men and women who voluntarily place themselves in harm's way daily for our freedoms. Because of these years of service, which includes our countries most recent wars in the Gulf, he understands the lifestyle and how this lifestyle often impacts the family unit.  In honor; he has chosen to continue his service to those who maintain our freedom, by "enlisting" several of his family members to assist him in fighting the homeless and unsuitable housing situations for our Veterans who are at risk of being and/or becoming homeless and/or living in unsuitable housing situations. Michael has also been involved in residential and commercial housing, for profit, since 1998.   



Luevenia Richardson, President, and Treasury of SHLF is the youngest sister of Michael Richardson. Her talent and skills in mathematics lead her to pursue a career in accounting, in which she struggled due to their families economics'. However, with unwavering dedication and many years of in and out of school, she received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Strayer University. Besides using her skills and knowledge in accounting, within diverse industries, Luevenia has served most of her adult years in a caregiving role. First, she moved in with her brother Michael, a single father, in order to assist him in raising his four small children. Most recently she has dedicated her caregiving skills to the challenges and struggles that were encountered with caring for their mother during the last ten years of her life.  She is "inspired" to assist others who will encounter some of the same economic and societal situations that continue to take us further away from those we love and are responsible to care for in order to assist families in their transition from housing poverty status; one family at a time. Luevenia has also been involved in residential and commercial housing, for profit, since 1998.




Trent Richardson, Marketing and Communications Director, served in the United States Army from 1989 to 1997 as a Food Service Sergeant. After his honorable discharge, he remains in service for our at-risk military veterans as an EMS employee at one of the many facilities dedicated to those who have served and are the reason we have the freedoms we enjoy in our country today. 



Kathy Jones, Interior Design and Marketing Director, has been a cafeteria worker in our public school systems and a personal care assistant to those with special needs for many decades. She brings not only her talent for understanding the issues associated with overseeing those who count on others for their well-being, but also her talents in imagination and creativity.  


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