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"People make the world go round", is a powerful and true statement for it simply means that individuals have a critical role in keeping things working as they should in our world. We at SHLF understand that you are a vital part of this organization's ability in making an impact on our society and appreciate the valuable time and skills you provide toward this cause.


It is time to lend a hand to the greatest gift of all......LIFE!

Our Volunteer Programs

Volunteers and Mentors are an important part of SHLF's team to fight against homelessness and institutionalization of our seniors and at-risk military. The assistance that you provide help the staff to better meet the needs of our clients, provides individualized attention, increases motivation and improved self-concept, and increases community awareness to the issues.

Home improvements/repairs

We need experienced professionals in all aspects of improvements, and/or repairs and maintenance to a home. We also need volunteers to assist in the process of upkeep of the home, such as painting and/or cleaning prior to occupancy (no background check is required if the home is unoccupied).  



For the experienced professional looking for a contract, please go to the online booking section and schedule a time for us to speak to you about your services and/or supplies. 

Chores Assistance

Volunteers are needed to assist those in need with activities around the home. Please indicate on the application if you prefer indoor and/or outdoor task and we will match you to those in need of these services. 


It is important that we continue an activity that keeps our bodies moving. Being a companion to someone who needs your assistance in staying active will give you the motivation and dedication to keep the activity in your life as well...mutual satisfaction! Like to window shop? Ever thought about taking someone with you?


Remember that the activity for our seniors may include mind stimulation activities, therefore even our volunteers who have had all the physical movement that they can handle for the week can find a "resting place" while providing kindness.

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Donate/help the cause

According to the America' Health Rankings Senior Report in 2016, Texas ranked number 48 of 50 for nursing home quality. On previous reports, using the same criteria for those who were eligible for low-care nursing home services, Texas ranked number 26 of 50 in the United States.


These statistics show why many Americans are choosing to "age in place": something that the elderly have said all along.....they want to stay in their home!  


Texan's we can do better in proving for our seniors in need. It is not only what they want, but it also has improved emotional, social and health benefits associated with it when all their needs are met in a home environment. Please select at least one of our programs listed below and provide a donation.

Gold Medal Program - Donate a Home

Do you have a home that you just inherited, rental property that is giving you a headache, and/or a vacation home that you do not want to use any longer? Find out how you can donate this property and get a tax deduction while helping others!


Our number one priority is to provide homes for seniors and veterans at-risk to live comfortably in a suitable, uncrowded condition. Statistics show that with the proper networking with healthcare officials and others that surround them with kindness, aging in place is how we keep them healthier and effectively lower the cost of their overall care.


(Click on the icon and book an appointment with us to discuss this donation)

Silver Medal Program - Adoption/Foster

Select a senior or veterans at-risk personnel and support their needs to maintain their household for up to a year ($10,000+). The individuals selected for this SHLF program are in need of home improvements, home repairs, and/or month to month expenses assistance in order to maintain their home. This is a temporary program designed to maintain the individual(s) home live as SHLF works on other sustainable methods.

Bronze Medal Program - Improvements

Donations in the amount of $5,000 to $10,000

These donation pledges will assist in supplying major improvements, major repairs, and payment of property taxes and insurance cost for those who have a need.  


Go for the bronze by donating stock and/or bonds equivalent to the above values. (You will have to book an appointment online for this option.)

General Monetary Donations

All donations are appreciated and will assist in providing those in need with the items and/or services that help them sustain their lifestyle throughout the year. Thank you for your contribution. It will be used to further the cause. 


Donate and Receive:

$45 - SHLF T-Shirt

$100 - One free night at a 5-star Westgate Resort (Usage restrictions are value season only)

$300 - 3/2 night getaway at a Westgate Resort (Restrictions apply including a timeshare presentation. Receive gifts for your time with a possible life time gift for you and generations to come in your family....our you can donate it to SHLF.)

Don't see a gift you are interested in? Do you shop at Amazon, Staples and/or Expedia? These are only a few of the over 3,000 stores you can shop at and still give back at the same time. You can receive discounts and/or money-saving coupons while you do what you would do anyway while giving back to the cause.Click here for additional information.


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